The Beach Refreshes My Soul

When I recently came into a sizable inheritance, left to me by my beloved uncle, I decided what I needed to do with it was move somewhere outside of the congested Massachusetts city in which I’ve lived most of my life and look for Revere MA apartments nearby. I never had much money so I’ve lived in a poorer part of town that is, in a word, cramped. People are piled upon top of people here and it is depressing. It’s like you can’t even move your car in the street due to the traffic, and there are people constantly on the move. They’re walking over the lawn or loitering in the sidewalk and it’s just depressing.

Now that I had money, I decided I wasn’t going to live packed in with others like sardines. I found a luxury apartment facility online that’s right on the public beach in Revere and I was bound and determined to give it a go. Worst case scenario is that I wouldn’t like it and could always move somewhere else. Looking at the luxury apartments, their spaciousness and the amenities offered, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

The pictures on the site don’t really do this place justice. Everyone always says that, but it’s true here. There’s a lightness and modern feeling to the apartment that is just nourishing. They’re quiet too in a way I’ve never been able to enjoy before. Best of all is the public beach nearby. I can literally walk out my door and be there in a couple of minutes. It’s definitely perfect for people watching and quick nighttime strolls. Sometimes I go down there just to sit and have the sounds of the beach and water refresh my soul. Sounds kind of corny, but it’s true. Moving in here is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.


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